Our Values.

Sick! Bicycle Co.

Our Values.

We have discontinued use of carbon fibre in our bicycle frames for 2017. We are not happy with longevity or life cycle we could achieve.

All out bicycle frames are designed to last you one lifetime. Should your frame be a bit worse for wear, check out our 'good as new' program

Most of our garments are produced in Los Angeles using vertical integration, all of our garments are made in conditions with fair wages, safe working practice and minimal environmental impact. By mid 2018 we aim to have all socks, belts and beanies made in the U.K, Tees and hoodies will remain in DTLA (we can’t find a blank supplier in the U.K. we like... yet) We don’t use organic cotton as there is associated water usage and post treatment waste that mitigates the point in using it. But that is not static or fixed. Should that situation improve we will reevaluate it.

Our on demand printing eliminates overstock waste and we don’t have to do ‘sales’.

In our office we use renewable energy supplier BULB to minimise our impact.

We use safer, friendly, waterbased ink and all garments found with quality issues or returned from customer are given to homeless shelters in California and Baltimore.

We are not an 'eco brand' but our brand reflects us, we try to make good choices in our daily life. These spill over in to our business. Its not all memes and awful jokes.