Sick! Bicycle Co.


Where is my stuff?

We aim to print and pack within 7 days and deliver within 14 working days from despatch. 

We use APC and DHL for couriers - They have tracking as standard but many tracking notifications go straight to your spam folder, please check before messaging us. 

Once your package is with the courier we have exactly the same information as you so we can't give any advice on how long it will take to arrive, please don't email about that. 

Yeah but its been like a month and I couldn't find a tracking number..

Please email us with your full name, order number and post code, or reply to your order email from us and we will take a look at that for you.

Why isn't it next day?

At this service level it saves us, on average 25% of the cost on the order, we pass that straight on to the customer. Next day delivery fulfillment would increase the cost of shirts to £30/35, or we would have to reduce the number of products we have.

Taxation on imports

To remain cost effective we have 4 distributors these are in the UK, EU, and USA. we will always ship from the location that will deliver the fastest. Sometimes a courier will use Parcelforce as the final carrier and they will levy a customs charge. 

As some of our products are manufactured offshore in the USA* they may be subject to taxes, please contact us if you have a concern. These taxes are levied by the government / HMRC and are out of our hands. We cannot intervene or change these.  We don't think they are fair either but its the law. Don't email us asking for us to pay your import fees, we already paid tax, we ain't paying again. 

*Currently Socks, Dri fit and American Apparel Products.  

Opening a paypal case.

Our rule is if a customer opens a Paypal case without contacting us first they will be automatically banned from all further purchases. Why? Because Paypal insist on grading and charging us for resolution infractions. It takes a whole lot of time to close a case. Please just email. 


All frames come with a full lifetime warranty for the original owner for manufacturing defects, subject to registration and terms and conditions. Not registered? not covered. Please register!

 Please contact us for a copy if you have lost yours. 

We don't replace your frame if you break it in a crash, mountain biking is inherently dangerous. 

Full Warranty Details Here

Where and how is your clothing made?

Clothing marked as 'Handmade by Sick' are screen printed by Jordan and Jess in there workshop in Sussex. 

All other products are manufactured offshore in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Riga.

We do not keep a stock level of items and print to order in small batches. This minimizes waste and allows us to keep our prices competitive.

We do not buy any sweatshop labour products. Most of our garments are made of American cotton in the USA. We print the country of providence inside the neck. 

Who makes your bikes?

We have partner manufacturers in the UK, Taiwan, China and Peru. 

All our frames are made in safe, humane conditions, we have a careful supply chain that minimizes waste and pollution.

Taxes and Imports on frames.

When importing our frames in to your country you may be subjected to taxation and other fees set by the country. Please email before you buy. As above, out of our hands. We play by the book, we won't mark an item as a gift.


Don't wanna be mean, but, if we wanted to sponsor you, we would have contacted you. If you want to still persist, send us your race results (we can check them so don't be like that waste man who lied to us and was garbage) A link to some video content, your instagram and social media and your CV. We have a full team. We are unlikely to be interested.

Ambassador Scheme

We don't have one, we are a very small brand and can't give away products. So if you see someone with our products, they paid for them, good, honest and proper!


For every shirt we sell in 2018 we plant a tree and provide 1 meal for a child. We don't shout about it because its just something we do. We support the Eden Reforestation Project and Marys Meals. As such we do not sponsor, promote or endorse any other charity.