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Gnarcissist // 853 // Fruit Dove // Jan

Image of Gnarcissist // 853  // Fruit Dove  // Jan
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Handmade and Brazed Reynolds 853 tubing, made by Bryan Jackson, Master Framebuilder.

Heavy Duty, race tested and long low and slack the Gnarcissst was our first build.

Rated #2 on Red Bulls most desirable Bikes list for 2018!

Pantone Fruit Dove colourway with Reflective black decals.
£D Printed Molotov Head Badge.

Due to a delay in a delivery of seat tubes, larger sizes we only have OG (Medium for most people)

We have left the frames unpainted so that ISCG 05 can be fitted if required, this is not a preorder, larger frames will be added this week. Despatch sub 9 days.

*Please note now fitted with sliding dropouts to allow single speed*

Lifetime Single Owner Warranty

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Each bike is individually numbered and comes with a free 'owners only' t-shirt