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Gnarcissist Ti Pinion Frame + Drivetrain

Image of Gnarcissist Ti Pinion Frame + Drivetrain

The Jewel in our hardtail stable, Now with Gearbox.

Includes (in the price)
Pinion C1.9XR - 9 gears - 568% ratio (eagle is 500%)
142 Rear Hub.
Gates Carbon Drive
Sprocket & Chainring
Cranks 170mm
Shifter 9spd

This is a BIG bike- Makes 29's look normal. We have a couple of customers with these who I'm sure would give you a testimonial.

The hardtail that thinks its a downhill bike, slay trails with absolute idiotic abandon.
Most likely the largest wheelbase on the market.

Aerospace Titanium custom drawn triple butted tube set.
62 Head
77 Seat tube 
Stealth Dropper
External Brake Routing.
Pinion Bridge
CNC Yoke with plus tyre spacing
Yeah it fits 29" PLUS tyres.
CNC Tapered headtube. 
Designed around 150mm fork. 

Your choice of decal color.
Frame is fully sandblasted to a long lasting matt grey.

This frame requires no paint or clear coat.
For an additional charge the bike can be custom painted (people will burn you at the stake for it, but you do you)

Please note these are made to order and there will be a wait for the item, please order if you are patient and ready to wait for an amazing product.